How to structure your Cold Calling Scripts

How to structure your Cold calling scripts ?

The call script is an almost indispensable tool to generate leads efficiently. This is the way for your teams to move towards the reach the goal : to conclude with an appointment. The success of telephone prospecting mainly depends on the quality of contact with the prospect. It is therefore imperative to have good arguments to give to convince the buyer. To structure your call so that it goes the best way possible, you need to write a call script. It should not be read word for word but it is the framework on which the call is based. We advise you to write it rigorously !


Have The right information

First, the goal is not to write the perfect script, because it does not exist. The main thing is to create a script that corresponds to your objectives and must be in line with the needs of your prospects.


If you have read Our Tips for Your Cold Calls , then you know that it is highly recommended to take the time to consult your prospect’s profile and obtain useful information that will allow you to customize your approach. Namely his function, what does the company, and why not, a fun fact about them.

  1. Presentation

It will be the first impression the prospect will have of you. This is your introduction, so it must be interesting enough for the speaker to want to follow up on your call. Start by introducing yourself and the place where you work at and state directly the subject of your call.

For instance : “Hi Ms Jones. My name is Eddy and I’m calling with ABCD”.

Your caller will feel that you are speaking with confidence.

A small tip : Use a dynamic tone and above all articulate to avoid the interlocutor asking you to repeat yourself. It would make him lose interest from the start, it would be a shame!

2.Hook the attention

Now that you’ve introduced yourself, you need to keep the focus on clearly explaining the reason for your call and what the end goal is. Make them feel that this call can benefit them just as much as it can you.

For instance :  “I’am contacting contact you because I would like to discuss with you about the solutions we offer for your company. I noticed that your company is looking to improve the quality of its customer service.”

At the same time, you demonstrate that you know what you are talking about and reinforce the person’s interest. You can also complete your case by expressing a value proposition that will explain how your offer is relevant to the needs.

3.Prepare some questions about the company

To quickly follow the catchphrase, you can ask a question to learn more about your contact and the company in order to establish an exchange. Because even if you have some information, it’s still a first take and contact and you don’t know everything!

For instance : Can you tell me more about (choose the topic related to the company)?

You will then start a conversation with your interlocutor, and collect additional information that will be useful for another exchange.

4.Close the call

Now that the company is familiar with yours, it is time to close the call with an appointment proposal to move on to the final step.

You can bring it with a sentence like this : “What day would be best for you to arrange an appointment and discuss solutions that would be more suitable for you?”

“I suggest that we schedule a 20-minute meeting so that you can judge for yourself a suitable solution”

Of course, these are just examples, and you can adapt depending on how the call unfolds.

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