Is cold calling dead ?

Is cold calling dead ?

No, cold calling is not dead, it is still there and is one of the most effective ways to reach the largest number of prospects!

Whats is cold calling ?

As a reminder, cold calling is a prospecting method that aims to contact a prospect who has never heard of your services and who does not intend to pay for your services immediately.  These prospects are called unqualified leads. The point is to make the prospect aware and publicize your offer and ideally lead to a sale.

Cold calling peaked in the 80’s and 90’s and it is largely thanks to this method that the majority of large companies we know today have been able to develop their customer database. Nowadays, it is widely criticized, considered outdated, aggressive, intrusive et commercial buyers have changed the way they buy, and have little patience for cold calls.

Telemarketing methods are evolving and innovation is imperative to maintain efficiency. In this article you will find the key information to make successful your cold calls.

According to a study conducted by the company Rain Group, 69% of prospects accepted at least one cold call in 2019 and 82% of them accepted an appointment with the sales representatives after a series of contacts initiated by a cold call. See ? Cold calling isn’t dead.

Pitfalls to avoid in cold calling
  • Calling without knowing the prospect : this is the most common mistake made by companies. It is essential to launch a call with the basic information about your contact person (name, function for example). Moreover, the more relevant you will have about your interlocutor and his company, the easier the contact will be. Do not hesitate to take this information from their social networks.
  • Not knowing your product : this error seems silly, but it is regularly committed. If your caller asks a specific question about your product or service that you don’t know how to answer, you completely miss a call and let a potential customer pass. Always be one step ahead of the questions you might be asked. You can use, for example, the “people also ask” section of the Google results.
  • Do the same telephone prospecting as the competition: It is important that you distinguish yourself from your competitors by deploying a powerful telephone prospecting. Don’t hesitate to innovate
  • Do not have a call plan: a telesearch call cannot be improvised! Having a call script allows you to give a structure to your call. This will prevent you from finding yourself helpless in front of your interlocutor (Do not hesitate to consult our article on sample call scripts)
  • Read the script word for word : Having a call script is important. It is however necessary not to fall into the recitation, this spoils the authentic side of the call, causing the disinterest of the interlocutor. Furthermore, you can never know in advance how the call will unfold, whether the prospect is making comments or asking questions. It will be impossible to follow the script in order. You have be natural.

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